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Partnerships for Research 


Partnership Research Consultation

Duration: 1 hour

Objective: To provide support and guidance for individuals or organizations looking to design a research project or plan a podcast project in partnership with others.

Scope of Service:

  • Understanding of research design and planning process

  • Analysis of research goals and objectives

  • Identification of potential partners

  • Discussion on partnership models and agreement

  • Review of project budget and funding sources

  • Development of a project timeline and action plan

  • Tips on communication and project management

  • Review of ethical considerations


  • A comprehensive research design plan or podcast project plan

  • A list of potential partners and a plan for reaching out

  • A budget outline and funding plan

  • A timeline for project completion

  • A list of ethical considerations and a plan for addressing them

  • Method of Delivery: The consultation session will be conducted online via a video conferencing platform.

Note: This service is tailored to the specific needs and goals of the client. Additional support and follow-up sessions can be arranged as needed.

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